Senior Pastor: James Yoder

Pastoral Team: Keith Yoder, Jake Frey, Leighton Yoder, Lavern Kuhns, Kermit Zimmerman

October 6, 2019

Welcome & Song


 Verse of Scripture – Superintendent


Offering Today – School

Offering Last Sunday – Building Fund

 S.S. Lesson Today – 1Timothy 1 & 2

Next S.S. Lesson – 1Timothy 3

Memory Verses & Birthdays

Scripture Reading – Fydell Yoder

“Let The Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly…”

Singing & Sharing – Jonathan Hochstetler

Message – Jake Frey

Title: “Being a Partaker of the Divine Nature”

Text: 2 Peter 1:1-4

Hosts Today – Josh Nolts
Hosts Next Sunday – Chris Rabers                            


Today          6:00 Leann Kuhns sharing on her experience in Jamaica

Mon.Oct.7            HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lauretta K.

Tue.Oct.8     6:30 Youth: First Responders Appreciation dinner @ UCS

                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Judy B. & Alyssa S.

Wed.Oct.9    7:00 Prayer Meeting

                            School Pictures

Thu.Oct.10           HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kellyn M.

Fri.Oct.11    5:30 Youth: Youth Social hosted by Milford Chapel      

                          HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Paul & Trish

Sat.Oct.12           HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Darrell F.

Oct.11-14            Teacher-in-Service Days ~ No classes


Sun.Oct.13           No Evening Service

                           Youth: start to take orders for dough balls /cookies  

Wed.Oct.16  7:00 Self Examination/Testimonies  

Thu.Oct.17   6:30 Youth: Bible Study @ Leonard & Rachel Mast’s house

Sun.Oct.20           Communion Service

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