Berea Christian Fellowship Podcast

Reflections of Home & Beyond

2015-10-18 Keith Yoder

A Life of Obedience

2015-10-11 Jake Frey

Amputate The Problem

2015-09-27 James Yoder

Judgmental Locked Heart

2015-09-20 Laverne Kuhns

The Kingdom of God Under Attack

2015-09-06 Jake Frey

Why The Sabbath

2015-08-30 James Yoder

Spiritual Locked Heart

2015-08-23 Laverne Kuhns

The Kingdom of God

2015-08-02 Jake Frey

Driven Broken Heart

2015-07-19 Laverne Kuhns

You Have Stayed Long Enough

2015-07-12 Mike Gingerich