Senior Pastor: James Yoder   Pastoral Team: Jake Frey,

 Keith Yoder, Lavern Kuhns

October 21, 2018


Welcome To Our Communion Service!




Meditation &  Testimonies – Lavern Kuhns



Offering Today – Alms

Offering Last Sunday – Expense $1,920.00

 S.S. Lesson Today – No Sunday School

Next S.S. Lesson – Acts 21:26-40



Message – James Yoder

Title: Testimony, Not Persuasion

Text: Matthew 25:26-56


Officiate in Emblems – James Yoder


Distribute Emblems – Jake Frey & Lavern Kuhns


Foot Washing & Alms Scripture Reading – Jake Frey


Hosts Today – Dave Yoders

Hosts Next Sunday – Fellowship Dinner


Today          6:00 Pastor Appreciation Evening


Wed.Oct.24 7:00 Prayer Meeting


Thu.Oct.25  6:30 Youth: Treasure Hunt & Campfire @ Jonathan & Debbie’s


Oct.25-26            Parent/Teacher Conferences ~ School dismisses @ 1:30

on Thursday & no school on Friday


Fri.Oct.26            HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Rich B.





Sun.Oct.28 3-6pm 90th Birthday Open House for Alma Beachy @ Fairhaven



Wed.Oct.31           No Evening Service


Fri.Nov.2       6:45 Youth: Singing @ Faith Mission

7:00 Faith Mission: Meal – Alice, Gladys, Elyse

Song Leader & Moderator – Jason G.

                             Singing – Youth group      Message – James Y.


Sat.Nov.3  8:00am Youth: Dough Ball fundraiser @ UCS

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