Core Values

We believe a Core Value statement is a means to facilitate bringing focus and clarity to our local Body. These values are Biblical principles in guiding the church in making decisions, determining priorities, setting goals, and allocating resources to carry out programs. These Core Values have been accepted by the corporate Body of Berea Christian Fellowship.

Fellowship Values

Our goal is to create a relational, “family-like” atmosphere where each person attending is made to feel welcome and encouraged while experiencing a time of worship. We value authenticity where others are honored higher than ourselves. We believe transparent and accountable relationships are fostered by participating in church functions and experiencing hospitality.

A Serving Ministry

We believe a primary responsibility is to first serve the needs of those within the local Body. While guarding against a competitive spirit, we believe it is important to build bridges with others of like-minded faith. We value showing compassion by ministering to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the greater world around us.

Discipleship and Teaching

We endeavor to equip individuals by promoting a personal relationship and walk with Jesus, having a Biblical worldview, able to defend their faith. We value Bible-based teaching where operations of the Holy Spirit are promoted and where Spiritual gifts are developed for further ministry.

Missions and Evangelism

We believe God desires us to have impact on the world by penetrating the darkness around us. We desire to be Salt and Light in our communities, our state, our nation, and the world.

Leadership Development

We value humility where servant leadership is modeled. We desire to develop men to lead first in the home, then in the church, workplace and community.

Family Development

We believe our local Body will never be stronger than the families that represent it. We desire to build strong, close knit families through encouragement, teaching, and mentorship, where fathers willingly accept their God given responsibility, where mothers are an integral support, and children honor their parents.

Christ-like Character Development

We desire to develop Christian character that will reflect the attributes of Jesus Christ. This character is developed by dying with Christ, being raised a new person in Him, and having the Holy Spirit bear His fruit through us.

Financial Stewardship

We believe God requires us to be responsible stewards of all the resources He has entrusted to us. Financial stewardship is managing our affairs with integrity, providing for our own, and sharing with others.


Beyond our position as Christians, we choose to identify with the greater conservative Anabaptist community who hold to the Dortrecht Confession of Faith. Though imperfect, we respect the tenacity our founding fathers displayed by living Biblically and dying willingly for their faith in Jesus Christ. We value this heritage and desire to emulate their passion.